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Journal Club

The practice of nursing is constantly changing. There are always topics of interest surrounding the profession. The learning should never stop.

Join your colleagues to have meaningful dialogue around nursing at scheduled Journal Clubs. These are opportunities to enhance the understanding for evidence-based practice in a broad range of nursing areas of practice.

Fargo Region Topics

Dates, Times and places (including telehealth) will be posted as soon as available:
April – Heart Services
May – Nursing Resources for Evidence Based Practice
June – Surgical Units
July – Medical Units
August – Neonatal Intensive Care
September – Palliative Care
October – Obstetrics
November – Surgical Services Areas
December – Pediatrics

Sioux Falls Region Journal Club/Lunch and Learn Topics

(If interested in any of these topics, contact the content expert)

Care Management

  • Discharge Planning
  • Safe Transitions
  • Keys to Success

Skin Team

  • Principles of Surgical Wound Management
  • Skin Care Products

NICHE/AgeWISE Webinars

  • Implementing Therapeutic Activity During Continuous Observation
  • Rounding on the 15
  • Creating Smooth Transitions for Your Patients with Dementia

Palliative Care

July Topic: Barriers to Conducting Advance Care Discussions for Children with Life Threatening Conditions

Integrative Health

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy

Diabetes Webinars

  • August 8, 2012, Diabetes Management After Gastric Bypass, 1200-1330, Meeting Room C
  • November 7, 2012, New 2012 Guidelines for DSMT, 1200-1330, Meeting Room C.

Safety M&M Rounds

  • The Impact of HealthCare Associated Infections: Part 1, 2, 3, 4
  • The Perpetrator: CLABSI, Clostridium difficile

Pain Resource Nurse

  • The Efficacy of Acupressure For Symptom Management: A Systematic Review
  • Future dates: August 1 and November 7, 1200-1250, Old Foundation Conference Room

Heart Failure


  • Preventing Surgical Fires in the OR
  • Birth Resources, Choice & Options

First Friday Roundtable

  • Culture and Medicine: Developing a more complete picture.


  • The Road to a Cure: Patients are not Guinea Pigs and Research is not just another Science Experiment.

Diversity Council


Session for Success

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