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Nurse Jenny: I am Proud to be a Nurse

I have been a Registered Nurse for Sanford since my graduation in 1999. Now, in the "Year of the Nurse" it is nice to be able to reflect back to my early days as a nursing student. As nurses, we all started somewhere, we were all new at this at one time; we were all very grateful to have a nursing mentor take us "under their wing", teach us, guide us, and reassure us that we will make great strides from where we started, to where we end up as seasoned nurses. All of us at one point, turning from that insecure student and fresh nurse graduate, to being a knowledgeable mentor to others.

Our nursing staff here at 41st and Sertoma Clinic has the opportunity to work with nursing students, and their instructors from the Southeast Technical Institute LPN program. We, as seasoned nurses, now help mentor, teach and reassure students who are new at this career. For me, it is a reinforcement of what I have learned in my nursing career; and I think as a team, our nurses have a lot of diverse knowledge to impart on each student that comes our way. I try to live by the philosophy that I should try to learn something new every day; so if I have something to learn, I have something to teach. By mentoring the students, our Sanford nurses, with our experience in years, have a great opportunity to teach the next generation of nurses; and the student nurses really do appreciate the time well spent."

Posted Date: May 2012

Nurse Jenny: I am Proud to be a Nurse