Nurse Tammy: Caring continues even after her shift is over

Nurse Tammy was leaving the hospital following her shift and came upon a mother and child who were trying to get to the MB2 Lewis from the Children’s Castle. The three year old child had received medication for an outpatient procedure and appeared to be ok at time of discharge. The child had a meltdown in the corridor and was kicking, screaming and refusing to ride in the wheelchair, because he was still feeling the effects of the medication and couldn't balance himself to walk. Tammy kindly offered to help the mother and child. She escorted them (with the mom riding in a pediatric wheelchair holding her son) to Lewis. She then was AMAZING with him, she held and comforted him in the store while the mom paid and picked up his prescriptions and talked with the pharmacist. She then escorted them back to the castle valet service, and continued to wait with them until their van was delivered. She was so very kind and considerate, apologizing over and over that this unfortunate event had occurred. She stayed with them until they were off and on their way home, despite her "shift being over" as she was on her way home to her own family. This is an excellent example of how Nurse Tammy goes above and beyond in caring for a visitor who needed an extra hand. The mother really appreciated her help and also how good she was with her little boy.

Posted Date: December 2012

Nurse Tammy:  Caring continues even after her shift is over