Nurse Lori: I am Proud to be a Nurse

I never dreamed of being a nurse and actually was looking in other directions to further my healthcare career such as premed, radiologist, and physical therapy when I was in undergraduate school. I decided to become a nurse as I knew my options for nursing and advancing my practice were obtainable. I worked many years in long term care as a nurse's aide and knew I could handle becoming a nurse. When I did decide to become a nurse I knew immediately that I would move up the ladder in my professional status. I went to school directly to become an RN with a BSN degree and recently obtained my MSN degree. Education opportunities has always been my calling to nursing allowing me to pursue the best and most effective ways to provide patient care. As a Director of Nursing I use my educational skills to best coordinate patient care as well as provide the best service to my nursing staff. I provide many opportunities to advance their knowledge base and encourage educational advancement. Most recently I have developed a Simulation Program for my organization. This simulation program provides educational enhancements to critical thinking, enhancements to teamwork, and opportunities to use equipment and protocols in the care of critically injured or ill patients.

Posted Date: March 2012

Nurse Lori:  I am Proud to be a Nurse