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Nurse Libby: I am Proud to be a Nurse

I was working in the NICU and had a 26 week baby who had a severe anomoly that had been repaired as much as it could be. This baby girl had a rough night and I was explaining to these first-time parents how her night had been. After explaining everything to them, they turned to me and said, "We can't make her suffer through all of this, simply because we want to be her parents." I was awe-struck by this statement! At that time, they decided to stop their baby's suffering. They held her and then asked if I would hold her until she passed away. They always wanted to remember her when her heart was beating. I was honored that they would ask me to do such a thing for them. It was a day I will never forget, rocking this tiny girl as she earned her angel wings.

I had run into this Mom a few times and then lost touch with her. A few years later, she found me on Facebook. She was pregnant again with a little girl. It was then that she told me that she and her husband never argued about names, they already knew that they had wanted to name their daughter after me. As a nurse, I was only doing my job. I didn't think of it as doing anything more, but to this family it was much more. What an honor and privilege.

Posted Date: March 2012

Nurse Libby: I am Proud to be a Nurse