Nurse Kari: I am Proud to be a Nurse

This is the story that changed everything for me as a nurse. I had a patient who had very recently lost all ability to move his legs and arms due to an accident. I had to do everything for him... move his arms and legs, feed him, hold the cup for him to drink, change his briefs, move his pillows, etc. He was unable to do anything for himself. Once, when I was in the room when his phone rang, whoever it was said something that made him cry because he was so touched. After they said goodbye, he asked me if I could wipe his tears.

I was overwhelmed. How could I ever be worthy enough to wipe his tears? I serve a perfect and holy God. Every day at work I serve Him, yet I am not worthy to do so because I am not holy or perfect. It is an incredibly humbling experience to be able to serve such an awesome God. Wiping this man's tears made me realize how privileged I am to be a nurse. I am serving my God, by serving my patients and I will do it every single day with love and thankfulness and joy. I am forever humbled.

Posted Date: March 2012

Nurse Kari:  I am Proud to be a Nurse