Sanford Childrens Clinic

World Clinic Physician Liaison Program

Program Overview:

Have you ever wondered what it is like to provide healthcare in another part of the country or the world? The World Clinic Liaison Program is your opportunity to travel and work in one of Sanford's seven World Clinic locations. This two year assignment is designed to encourage physicians to interact with other Sanford World Clinics to learn from each other and share best practices as well as collaborate on practice issues/ concerns. The capstone of this program is a seven day trip to your assigned partner Sanford World Clinic location where our Sanford physicians will spend at least three days working and learning in the clinic.

Program Requirements:

  • A Sanford family practice physician or pediatrician from any of our sites/locations.
  • Complete a World Clinic Liaison Program Application Form and apply before August 10, 2014.
  • Have the availability to travel to a World Clinic location for 7 days uncompensated (A minimum of 3 days must be spent in clinic). Travel and accommodations provided by World Clinics.

Physician Responsibilities:

  • A two year commitment to participate in monthly one hour video conferences with selected World Clinic site provider(s).
  • Complete bi-annual reports for Liaison Executive Committee.
  • Notify World Clinic department of planned travel dates at least 3 months in advance to coordinate travel/ accommodations.
  • Obtain a valid passport and VISA.
  • Obtain any and all required international travel inoculations.

Program Costs:

  • Sanford World Clinics will cover travel (flight), local transportation, hotel, food and incidental expenses while at site.
  • Physicians are responsible to pay all other costs accrued beyond the seven day liaison trip.
Physician Liaison Application Form
Physician Liaison Frequently Asked Questions