Sanford International Clinics

Shared Investment

Wherever we operate clinics, Sanford focuses on hiring local medical professionals and support staff to carry out our mission. In addition, Sanford uses local contractors and sources whenever possible to build and equip our clinics. Sanford Health supports the development of each clinic with infrastructure and operating capital, as well as the application of the health system's entire management and operations team—more than 1,200 employed physicians and 25,000 employees across the United States and abroad. This expertise allows the efficient and effective application of appropriately scaled health services in communities of all sizes.

Beyond the operating capital Sanford Health provides for each Sanford International Clinic, the organization invests its core expertise and the daily engagement of the Sanford International Clinic team. This team is responsible for both development and operation of Sanford International Clinics – tasks which include selecting locations, developing clinical models, building facilities, recruiting professionals, and providing ongoing operational oversight and planning for services to achieve self-sustainability. To each clinic, Sanford also commits unallocated management resources, including its clinical services, finance, facilities, information technology, electronic medical records, clinical services, finance, human resources, marketing, patient financial services, and coding departments, among other functions. These multiple contributed services equate to an annual investment of more than $10 million.

International Clinic Team

Sanford intends that each facility be self-sustaining within three to five years of opening. In working toward self-sustainability, Sanford assumes the start up operational expenses to achieve self-sustainability as well as maintains ongoing operational risks, responsibility for recruiting the professional staff, and implements Sanford's comprehensive clinical standards and management functions. Sanford's retained ownership of the operations and employment of clinic staff ensure the provision of high-quality services, while at the same time ensuring the long-term viability of the clinic and the provision of services for generations to come.