Sanford International Clinics

Propose a New Location

Sanford Health has developed a due diligence process that allows the appropriate review of each opportunity. Put simply, Sanford focuses on those areas that can sustain the long-term provision of health care services.

Sanford Health reviews the following criteria to determine the viability of a Sanford International Clinic or Sanford Children's Clinic:

  • Demonstrated need within the community
  • Match of Sanford's commitment of expertise, resources and operating capital through the provision of land and capital necessary to develop an appropriately sized facility or network
  • Healthy relationships with existing health care providers, including subspecialists
  • Ability to recruit physicians and support staff
  • Political and economic stability (international clinics)
  • Communication – Language assistance, technologically able to connect, etc. (international clinics)

If you feel your community may meet all or most of these criteria, submit your location by answering the following due-diligence questions:

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If you would like more information about how you or your organization can get involved, please provide us a brief description of your interest.
If you would like Sanford to consider a specific community or idea, we encourage you to provide as much information as possible by answering the following questions about Sanford International Clinic's selection criteria:

Thank you for your interest in Sanford International Clinics. Please click the "submit" button below to send the information you have provided to the International Clinic team for review. All field names are required, so if there is an issue with submission, please scroll up on the page and ensure you have provided information for every field.