Sanford International Clinics

Partnerships and Summary of Sanford Investments

Sanford intends that each International Clinics facility be self-sustaining within three to five years of opening. In working toward self-sustainability, Sanford makes significant investment to each of its locations, including the following:

  • Sanford invests its core expertise and the daily engagement of the Sanford International Clinics management team. This team is responsible for the development, implementation and operation of each Sanford International Clinic, including but not limited to selecting locations, developing clinical models, building facilities, recruiting local professionals, providing ongoing operational oversight, and planning for services to achieve self-sustainability.
  • Sanford assumes all ongoing operational risks for its Sanford International Clinics, including start-up operational expenses.
  • Sanford commits to each of its clinics unallocated internal management resources, including its clinical services, finance, facilities, information technology, electronic medical records, human resources, marketing, patient financial services, and coding departments among other functions. These multiple contributed services equate to an annual investment of more than $10 million.
  • Sanford bears responsibility for recruiting the professional staff for each clinic and the implementation of Sanford's comprehensive clinical standards and management functions.
  • Sanford supports the economy of those communities in which Sanford International Clinics are located by utilizing local hiring practices for employment and contracting for services such as construction and supplies.

Sanford recognizes, however, that the support of its International Clinics by local stakeholders is essential. Sanford engages local individuals and partner organizations who share our vision of increased access to health care. Each of our clinics represents a unique partnership, whereby Sanford has collaborated with local providers, health care systems/hospitals, government entities, business leaders, philanthropic organizations and other interested organizations. It is through these partnerships that we intend to ensure the provision of health care for generations to come.

In order to provide the most pertinent services for each specific area and to allow sustainability within a short period of time, Sanford collaborates with local community stakeholders and seeks local or supporting contributions in two respects: (1) the no-cost procurement of land for development, and (2) the cost of clinic construction. In the development of existing Sanford International Clinics, this philanthropic support has been provided by individuals, family foundations, community and civic organizations, governmental and non-governmental organizations, local business social responsibility programs and other funding institutions.

Typically, Sanford retains ownership of the operations and employment of clinic staff, guaranteeing the provision of high-quality services, while at the same time ensuring the long-term viability of the clinic and the provision of services for generations to come. This framework is Sanford's preferred method of developing its International Clinics. However, Sanford will consider all forms of collaboration with potential partners, including consulting/management arrangements, whereby Sanford has the capacity and expertise to furnish health care facilities and organizations with its professional management and consulting services in incorporating its primary care clinical model.