Sanford International Clinics

Criteria and Due Diligence

Sanford International Clinics is dedicated to establishing permanent, sustainable health care infrastructure. Thus, our prospecting and due diligence process is largely focused on analyzing the sustainability of potential opportunities. In order to assess sustainability, Sanford International Clinics analyzes the following:

  • Community need for permanent health care infrastructure
  • Financial sustainability of clinic
  • Presence of local stakeholders to help secure clinic location and support for capital investments
  • Ability to recruit health care providers
  • Political and economic stability

In each of those primary focus areas, Sanford collects the following data:

  • Demographic information, including population statistics (age, sex), map of community and service area, population density, employment status, and health insurance coverage
  • Current health care delivery information, including contact information for local practitioners and hospitals; customary outpatient clinic hours of operation, staffing models, and work flow; availability of laboratory and imaging services; and contact information for local subspecialists
  • Health care pay source information, including standard charges for outpatient visits, payer mix (self-pay, private insurance, government insurance), fee schedules, reimbursement schedules
  • Business expenses, including health professional salaries, administrative and billing professional salaries, customary employee benefits, pharmaceutical costs, construction costs (per square root), utility costs, and taxes
  • Government licensing requirements for non-profit health care entities providing outpatient primary care
  • Possible clinic locations, including bare land or existing facilities available for donation or long-term lease for a nominal fee.
  • Contact information for local stakeholders—public or private—with the potential to be philanthropic partners who support the construction of the clinic
  • Health care staff recruitment information, including ease of recruitment, training programs at local or nearby trade schools, colleges, and universities, and incentives for recruitment under local customs