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Sanford's fit Initiative

Sanford's fit initiative

Sanford's fit Initiative has come a long way since its inception in 2010. Through fit, we are actively working to promote healthy lifestyles in homes, schools, daycares, our clinical settings and throughout the community by way of technology, engaging programs and utilizing key role models in a child's life.

fit Web Resources

Web Resources

The fit website for Juniors, Kids and Teens creates an entertaining and interactive online environment where they can play games, watch videos and take daily challenges. Parents benefit from their own set of resources where they can find tips and tools on becoming healthy role models and raising fit kids.To date, the children's and parent's site have received more than 4 million visitors. Over 700 pieces of content have been added to the sites including videos, slideshows, games, articles and even fit songs!

fit School


In addition to the web, fit is developing meaningful school resources to bring value and fun into the primary education setting. We are doing this by integrating fit points into science and math components to provide health promotion, an avenue into the classroom without taking valuable time away from those critical subjects.

fit4theclassroom.comfit 4 the Classroom is an online school resource developed in cooperation with Discovery Education.

  • Went live in September 2012
  • Received over 50,000 visits which equates into exposure to approximately 250,000 students across the country
  • Over 18,000 teachers from all 50 states entered a sweepstakes for their classrooms and schools

We are also reaching thousands of students through several pilot school programs.

  • fit Club for Girls – fit Club, an after school program for 5th grade girls, has been conducted at 5 schools in Sioux Falls with over 150 girls participating.
  • – fit4Schools, which includes unique fit-based lessons integrated into daily classroom activities, has been piloted in 3 South Dakota schools touching over 500 students.
  • fit PROMISE Program – fit has worked with Sanford's PROMISE program to reach nearly 1,000 students.
  • Mission: fit Possible – This distinctive assembly program has held session in 20 schools in the Orlando, FL, area.

fit Daycare


fit-care is designed to help children in child care settings learn and establish healthy habits early on in their lives. Child care providers in South Dakota have access to the fit-care curriculum and training courses designed to teach and role model fit behaviors along with educating parents and families.

  • Launched in March 2012
  • Developed in cooperation with the South Dakota Departments of Health and Social Services
  • Has been delivered at all 5 training centers across South Dakota
  • Utilized by almost 500 child care providers reaching between 5-6,000 children

fit Community


Have you seen Denny, Abby, Sam, Alex and Marty around lately? The fit Friends, along with the fit team, have been making a variety of appearances at events across the Sanford footprint! fit has been at over two dozen events interacting with more than 15,000 children and parents to spread the word about the fit platform and resources.

Looking Forward

Looking Forward

fit is continuing to look to the future for ways to continue to make a meaning impact on children and families both on-line and off-line. Other exciting expansions that are in the works include:

  • Smartphone Apps – Though a series of fun and engaging apps, fit will continue to activate kids at the touch of a fingertip to live a fit and healthy lifestyle related to FOOD, MOVE, MOOD and RECHARGE.
  • Clinical Settings – fit is developing resources for the clinical setting which can be used to spur actionable and understandable discussions between health care providers and families.
  • Engaging Key Role Models – Firefighters and youth sport coaches are role models and have a big influence on children so that's why fit is developing resources for them to teach the principles of fit along with sports fundamentals and other outreach efforts.