Karu-What kind of breast reconstruction options are there- Part 3

Uploaded on Nov 23, 2012

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Heather Karu, M.D., a plastic surgeon at Sanford Health, talks about breast reconstruction surgery options and the process for breast cancer surgery patients. The third stage of reconstruction is the nipple and areola reconstruction. The nipple and areola can either be tattooed by permanent makeup professionals at Sanford’s Vivaz Medical Spa (done in a safe, clean environment)or the plastic surgeon can recreate a nipple in a same-day surgery from skin on the chest to create a nipple that sticks up just a little bit. The third stage completes the process and returns the breast to a baseline appearance. The nipple and areola draw the eye’s attention away from the surgical scars and back to a natural focal point. Each surgery of the staged reconstruction is easier than the last and allows the patient to move toward her recovery at a more comfortable pace.