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WORD! A Glossary of Medical Words


Word! Abdominals
Word! Abrasion
Word! Acne
Word! Addiction
Word! ADHD
Word! Aerobic Activity
Word! Airway Obstruction
Word! Airways
Word! Alcoholism
Word! Alignment
Word! Allergen
Word! Allergist
Word! Allergy
Word! Allergy Shots and Immunotherapy
Word! Allergy-Triggered Asthma
Word! Amputate
Word! Anemia
Word! Anesthesia
Word! Animal Dander
Word! Antibiotics
Word! Antihistamines
Word! Anus
Word! Arteries and Veins
Word! Arthritis
Word! Asthma
Word! Asthma Action Plan
Word! Asthma Flare-Up
Word! Astigmatism
Word! Astringents
Word! Autoimmunity


Word! Bacteria
Word! Beta Cells
Word! Biopsy
Word! Blackhead
Word! Blood Bank
Word! Blood Glucose Level
Word! Blood Glucose Meter
Word! Blood Pressure
Word! Blood Type
Word! Body Type
Word! Bolus
Word! Bone Marrow
Word! Bowels
Word! Braces
Word! Bronchial Tubes
Word! Bronchoconstriction
Word! Bronchodilator
Word! Bruise
Word! Bruxism


Word! Cancer
Word! Canine Teeth
Word! Carbohydrate
Word! Carbohydrate Counting
Word! Cardiologist
Word! Caries
Word! Cartilage
Word! Cast
Word! Cerebellum
Word! Cerebral Cortex
Word! Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs)
Word! Cerumen
Word! Chemotherapy
Word! Chromosomes
Word! Chronic
Word! Cochlea
Word! Complete Blood Count (CBC)
Word! Cone
Word! Congestion
Word! Conjunctivitis
Word! Constipation
Word! Contact Lenses
Word! Contagious
Word! Controller Medications
Word! Cornea
Word! Corticosteroids
Word! Cough
Word! CT Scan or CAT Scan


Word! Dandruff
Word! Decongestants
Word! Dehydration
Word! Depressant
Word! Depression
Word! Dermatologist
Word! Diabetes Mellitus
Word! Diagnosis
Word! Diaphragm
Word! Diarrhea
Word! Dietitian
Word! Disinfectants
Word! Dislocation
Word! DNA
Word! Dust Mites
Word! Dyslexia


Word! Ear Canal
Word! Eardrum
Word! Eczema
Word! EEG (Electroencephalogram)
Word! Emotions
Word! Enamel
Word! Enuresis
Word! Epidermis
Word! Epiglottis
Word! Epistaxis
Word! ER
Word! Eustachian Tube
Word! Exchange Meal Plan
Word! Exercise-Induced Asthma
Word! Exhale
Word! External Otitis


Word! Farsighted
Word! Fats
Word! Fatty Acids
Word! Fever
Word! Fiber
Word! Floss
Word! Fluoride
Word! Fracture
Word! Frenulum
Word! Frostbite


Word! Gastric Juices
Word! Gastroenteritis
Word! Genes
Word! Genetics
Word! Gingivitis
Word! Glucagon
Word! Glucose
Word! Gluteus Maximus
Word! Glycemic Index
Word! Glycogen
Word! Glycosylated Hemoglobin Test (Hemoglobin A1c)
Word! Grieving
Word! Growth Hormone
Word! Gums
Word! Gurney


Word! Hay Fever
Word! Heat Exhaustion
Word! Hemangioma
Word! Hematoma
Word! Heredity
Word! Histamine
Word! Hormone
Word! Hormones
Word! Humidifier
Word! Hydrocortisone
Word! Hydrogen Peroxide
Word! Hyperglycemia
Word! Hyperopia
Word! Hypoglycemia


Word! Ibuprofen
Word! ICU
Word! Immune System
Word! Immunizations
Word! Immunotherapy and Allergy Shots
Word! Infection
Word! Influenza
Word! Inhale
Word! Inhaler
Word! Insulin
Word! Insulin Injections
Word! Insulin Pump
Word! Insulin Resistance
Word! Intensive Care Unit
Word! Involuntary Muscle
Word! Iris
Word! Islet Cells
Word! IV


Word! Joints
Word! Junk Food


Word! Keratin
Word! Ketoacidosis
Word! Ketones
Word! Kidney


Word! Lacrimal Glands
Word! Laparoscopy
Word! Larynx
Word! Laxatives
Word! Lens
Word! Lung Function Tests
Word! Lunula
Word! Lymph
Word! Lymph Node


Word! Malocclusion
Word! Melanin
Word! Microscope
Word! Mucous Membrane
Word! Mucus
Word! Myopia


Word! Nasal Cavity
Word! Nausea
Word! Navel
Word! Nearsighted
Word! Nebulizer
Word! Nephropathy
Word! Nervous System
Word! Neurologist
Word! Neuropathy
Word! Nicotine
Word! Night Guard
Word! Nits
Word! Nutrition


Word! Occupational Therapist
Word! Occupational Therapy
Word! Oncologist
Word! Operation
Word! Ophthalmologist
Word! Optician
Word! Optometrist
Word! Orthodontist
Word! Otitis Media
Word! Otolaryngologist


Word! Palate
Word! Pancreas
Word! Papillae
Word! Peak Flow Meter
Word! Pediatric Endocrinologist
Word! Perspiration
Word! Petroleum Jelly
Word! Pilomotor Reflex
Word! Pimple
Word! Pinna
Word! Plaque
Word! Platelets
Word! Pneumonia
Word! Pollen
Word! Polydipsia
Word! Polyphagia
Word! Polyuria
Word! Prosthesis
Word! Puberty
Word! Pulmonary
Word! Pulmonologist
Word! Pulse
Word! Pupil


Word! Radiologist
Word! Red Blood Cells
Word! REM
Word! Rescue Medications
Word! Retainer
Word! Retina
Word! Retinopathy
Word! Retractions
Word! Rheumatologist
Word! Rhinovirus
Word! Rx


Word! Saliva
Word! Scar
Word! Sclera
Word! Scoliosis
Word! Sebaceous Glands
Word! Sebum
Word! Seizure
Word! Semicircular Canals
Word! Skin Test
Word! Social Worker
Word! Spacer
Word! Sphenopalatineganglioneuralgia
Word! Spinal Tap
Word! Spirometer
Word! Stapes
Word! Stat
Word! Sternutation
Word! Stethoscope
Word! Strep Screen
Word! Stress
Word! Sulfites
Word! Surgery
Word! Suture
Word! Symptoms


Word! Taste Buds
Word! Tendons
Word! Tinnitus
Word! Tobacco
Word! Tonsillectomy
Word! Tragus
Word! Triggers
Word! Tympanogram


Word! Ultrasound
Word! Umbilical Cord
Word! Urinalysis
Word! Urine
Word! Urticaria


Word! Vaccine
Word! Varicella Zoster
Word! Veins and Arteries
Word! Vertebrae
Word! Violence
Word! Virus
Word! Vitreous Body


Word! Wheeze
Word! White Blood Cells
Word! Whitehead
Word! Wisdom Teeth


Word! X-ray


Word! Yawn


Word! Zoonosis