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Kids' Talk

Icky Q & A

Should I Clean Out My Belly Button?
What Happens If You Swallow a Bug?
What Happens to Swallowed Gum?
What's a Booger?
What's a Fart?
What's a Scab?
What's Earwax?
What's in Your Belly Button?
What's Puke?
What's Spit?
What's Sweat?
Why Do Feet Stink?
Why Do I Burp?

Personal Questions for Boys

PQ: Can you teach me how to find a girlfriend when I grow up?
PQ: How do I tell a girl I don't like her?
PQ: I have a lump on one of my testicles. What should I do?
PQ: My dad isn't around. How can I talk to my mom about guy stuff?
PQ: My doctor is a woman. What should I do?
PQ: One of my testicles hangs lower than the other. What should I do?
PQ: Why don't any girls like me?

Personal Questions for Girls

PQ: Can bras cause breast cancer?
PQ: Can breasts be injured?
PQ: Can I go swimming when I have my period?
PQ: Can I insert a tampon even if I don't have my period yet?
PQ: Do I have to change my pad overnight?
PQ: Do tampons hurt?
PQ: How do I tell a boy I don't like him?
PQ: How do I tell my mom I got my period?
PQ: How do I tell my mom I need a bra?
PQ: How do I tell my mom I need to get some pads in case my period starts?
PQ: I feel embarrassed when I have my period at school. What should I do?
PQ: I have a man doctor. What do I do?
PQ: I have hair on the nipples of my breasts. Is that normal?
PQ: I heard that some bras make your breasts stop growing. Is that true?
PQ: My mom isn't around. How can I talk to my dad about girl stuff?
PQ: Should girls use scented or unscented pads and tampons?
PQ: Should girls wear a bra at night?
PQ: What can I do if someone stares at my breasts?
PQ: What if a girl never gets her period?
PQ: What if everything goes wrong when you get your first period?
PQ: What if I forget about my tampon?
PQ: What if I'm itchy down there?
PQ: What if one of my breasts is bigger than the other?
PQ: What's a pantiliner?
PQ: Why don't any boys like me?

Q & A

Are Video Games Bad for Me?
Can Loud Music Hurt My Ears?
Does Eating Turkey Make Me Sleepy?
How Can I Feel Better About My Body?
How Do Pain Relievers Work?
How Does Fluoride Work?
Ice Cream Headaches
Somebody in My Friend's Family Died. What Should I Do?
What Are Freckles?
What Are Germs?
What Are Glands?
What Are Reflexes?
What Are Taste Buds?
What Causes Hiccups?
What Is a Coma?
What Is a Gene?
What It's Like to Be Color Blind
What Makes Me Sneeze?
What Should I Do if My Family Fights?
What's a Birthmark?
What's a Bruise?
What's a Cavity?
What's a Funny Bone?
What's an Adam's Apple?
What's Cauliflower Ear?
What's Cholesterol?
What's Mad Cow Disease?
What's Mono?
What's Motion Sickness?
What's Wrong With Biting My Nails?
When Will I Get My Period?
Why Am I Left-Handed?
Why Do Eyes Water?
Why Do I Get an Electric Shock?
Why Do I Have a Belly Button?
Why Do I Have Pain?
Why Do I Have to Wash My Hands After Using the Bathroom?
Why Do I Need to Sleep?
Why Do I Need to Wash My Hands?
Why Do I Shiver?
Why Do I Yawn?
Why Does My Body Jerk Before I Fall Asleep?
Why Does My Foot Fall Asleep?
Why Does My Nose Run?
Why Does My Skin Get Wrinkly in Water?
Will Toothpaste Make a Pimple Go Away?

What Kids Say

A Boy and A Birthmark: Evan's Story
A World Without Bullying: Brigitte's Story
Girls, Boys, and Valentine's Day
I Had Heart Surgery: Noah's Story
In the Band: Jens' Story
Kids Talk About Valentine's Day (A-J)
Kids Talk About: Brothers and Sisters
Kids Talk About: Coaches
Kids Talk About: Feeling Scared
Kids Talk About: Halloween Candy
Kids Talk About: Love
Kids Talk About: Summer Vacations
Kids Talk About: Valentine's Day
Kids Talk About: Valentine's Day (K-Z)
Tell Us About Your Crush!
The State of U.S. Kids: 2010 (See the Drawings!)
The State of U.S. Kids: 2010 (Survey Results)
What Girls Say About: Sports
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What Kids Say About: Being Busy
What Kids Say About: Handling Stress
What Kids Say About: Money Worries
What Kids Say About: Parents
What Kids Say About: School
What Kids Say About: Sleep
What Kids Say About: What They Eat
What Kids Want in a Coach
What Makes a Great Couple?
Why I Give: Freddi's Story

When Can I?

When Can I "Go Out" With Someone?
When Can I Babysit?
When Can I Get a Cell Phone?
When Can I Get a Job?
When Can I Get My Ears Pierced?
When Can I Go to a Sleep-Over?
When Can I Go to Sleepaway Camp?
When Can I Go to the Mall With Friends?
When Can I Go to the Movies With Friends?
When Can I Make My Own Breakfast?
When Can I Shave My Face?
When Can I Shave My Legs?
When Can I Stay Home Alone in the Daytime?
When Can I Stay Home Alone in the Evening?
When Can I Use the Oven and Stove?
When Can I Wear Contact Lenses?
When Can I Wear Deodorant?
When Can I Wear Makeup?
When Can I... (18 Q&As)

Where'd That Come From?

Butterflies in the Stomach
By the Skin of Your Teeth
Give Your Eyeteeth or Right Arm for Something
Have Your Heart in Your Mouth
Keep a Stiff Upper Lip or Keep Your Chin Up
Make No Bones About Something
Nothing to Sneeze At
Shape Up or Ship Out
Sick as a Dog
Under the Weather