Staying Healthy

Being Good to My Body

A Kid's Guide to Shots
Acne Myths
Are Your Bowels Moving?
Bad Breath
Be a Fit Kid
Chilling Out With Colds
Glasses and Contact Lenses
Going With the Flow of Nosebleeds
How Does Fluoride Work?
Learning About Proteins
Should I Gain Weight?
Smoking Stinks!
Taking Care of Your Ears
Taking Care of Your Skin
Taking Care of Your Teeth
The Way We Work: Meet David Macaulay
What Kids Say About: Their Health
What Sleep Is and Why All Kids Need It
What to Do if You Can't Sleep
What's the Big Sweat About Dehydration?

Eat Like a Pro

The New York Giants: Eating for Performance
The Pittsburgh Steelers: Eating Right at Training Camp
The Rockettes: Eating Healthy Before the Show
Tony Gonzalez: Fueling Up With Healthy Food
U.S. Ice Hockey Player Angela Ruggiero: Getting Ready for the Olympics
U.S. Women's Soccer Team: Making Every Calorie Count

Fabulous Food

15 Ways to Use Leftover Halloween Candy
Being Safe in the Kitchen
Caffeine Confusion
E. Coli
Eating for Sports
Egg Allergy
Explore the Food Guide Pyramid (Interactive)
Figuring Out Food Labels
Food Allergies
Food Guide Pyramid (Printable)
Food Guide Pyramid Becomes a Plate
Food Poisoning
Go, Slow, and Whoa! A Kid's Guide to Eating Right
How to Read a Recipe
Is Dieting OK for Kids?
Learning About Calories
Learning About Carbohydrates
Learning About Fats
Learning About Proteins
Nut and Peanut Allergy
Nutrition & Fitness Center
Ready, Set, Breakfast!
School Lunches
Take a Look at Cooking
The 5-Second Rule
What Kids Say About: What They Eat
What's a Vegetarian?
When Snack Attacks Strike
Why Drinking Water Is the Way to Go

Keeping Fit and Having Fun

5 Reasons Girls Should Play Sports
Be a Fit Kid
Bob Bowman: Tips from a Gold Medal Coach
Five Ways to Avoid Sports Injuries
Getting Muscles
How We Play
It's Time to Play
Kids Ask Cal
Kurt Warner: What Middle School Was Like for Me
Nutrition & Fitness Center
Should I Gain Weight?
Sports Physicals
Stay Safe: Baseball
Taking the Pressure Off Sports Competition
Video: Study Break Yoga
What If I Don't Like Sports?
What Kids Say About: Weight
What's the Big Sweat About Dehydration?
Why Exercise Is Cool
Yoga for Lowering Stress

Wondering About Weight

Be a Fit Kid
Losing Weight: Brandon's Story (Video)