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Cancer Basics

About Anemia
Breast Cancer
Hodgkin's Disease
Some Kinds of Cancer Kids Get
What Is Cancer?
When Cancer Keeps You Home

Dealing With Feelings

Being Afraid
Five Steps for Fighting Stress
Going to the Hospital
Kids Talk About: Feeling Scared
Taking Charge of Anger
Talking About Your Feelings
The Story on Self-Esteem
The Story on Stress
Train Your Temper
What Kids Say About: Worrying
When a Friend Has Cancer
When Cancer Keeps You Home
Why Am I So Sad?
Worry Less in 3 Steps

Diagnostic Tests

Medical Tests and Procedures (Video Landing Page)
Word! Biopsy
Word! Complete Blood Count (CBC)
Word! CT Scan or CAT Scan
Word! Spinal Tap
Word! Ultrasound
Word! X-ray

En español

¿Por qué estoy tan triste?
¿Qué es el cáncer?
¿Qué occurre dentro del quirófano?
¿Qué sucede en el servicio de urgencias?
Afrontar la ira
Algunos tipos de cáncer que afectan a los niños
Cáncer de mama
Cinco pasos para combatir el estrés
Colocación de una vía intravenosa (video)
Como protegerte cuando te expones al sol
Domina tu genio
El miedo
Exámenes medicos: que se puede esperar (video)
Hemograma completo
Ir al hospital
Ir al médico
La historia del estrés
La historia del Hodgkin de Amanda
Obtención de un análisis de sangre (video)
Obtención de una resonancia magnética, RM (video)
Obtención de una tomografía computada (video)
Punción lumbar
Sistema inmunológico
Su hígado
Tomografía computada
Tres pasos para preocuparte menos
Tu cerebro y sistema nervioso
Tu corazón y sistema circulatorio
Tu pelo
Tu piel
Tu sistema digestivo
Tu sistema endocrino
Tu sistema inmunológico
Tu sistema urinario
Tus huesos
Tus músculos
Tus ojos
Tus pulmones y tu sistema respiratorio
Tus riñones

Personal Stories

Amanda's Hodgkin's Story
Sweet Memories of a Grandfather: Carly's Story
Then and Now: Shanon's Cancer Story


PQ: Can bras cause breast cancer?
PQ: I have a lump on one of my testicles. What should I do?
PQ: I have a man doctor. What do I do?
PQ: My dad isn't around. How can I talk to my mom about guy stuff?
PQ: My doctor is a woman. What should I do?
PQ: My mom isn't around. How can I talk to my dad about girl stuff?

Treatment & Prevention

Going to the Doctor
Help! It's Hair Loss!
How to Be Safe When You're in the Sun
Radiation Therapy
What Happens in the Emergency Room?
What Happens in the Operating Room?
What Medicines Are and What They Do

Words to Know

Words to Know (Cancer Glossary)