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I don't smoke, but my boyfriend does. I really want to help him stop smoking - what can I do?

The bottom line is that in order to quit smoking, your boyfriend has to want to quit. And because nicotine is so addictive, it can be difficult. But there are things you can suggest that may help him in the meantime. Just knowing that he has your support can make him more likely to succeed. Offer to help him devise a quitting plan - this might mean choosing a quitting date, encouraging him to speak to his doctor about a nicotine replacement, helping him to stay focused once he stops, and figuring out a good way to reward himself once he's reached his goal. Remind him (without nagging or preaching) of the benefits of quitting, including all the money he'll be able to save. And remember that ultimately he has to decide whether he's ready to quit - but your support and encouragement can make a difference.

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Reviewed by: Neil Izenberg, MD
Date reviewed: January 2004

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