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Sanford Fargo Medical Center will be located on the south side of I-94 at the intersection between Veteran's Boulevard and 51st Street in Fargo, ND.



  • Top 10 health care projects in the U.S.
  • One of the largest non-industrial construction projects in the Dakotas

Honorable Project Dates:

  • Groundbreaking – July 31, 2012


  • $494 million total cost
  • 109 acres
  • 384 beds (74 are shelled)
  • 1 million square feet
  • 11 stories
  • 28 operating rooms (10 are shelled)
  • 51 emergency department bays
  • 4 angio/hybrid suites (2 are shelled)
  • 18 clinic exam rooms

Design Concepts:

  • highlighting evidence-informed planning concepts
  • promoting lean environments and processes
  • incorporating standardized rooms and protocols
  • featuring classic collegiate gothic architectural style
  • incorporating sustainable design principles
  • developing an integrated physician model
  • including consideration for future expansion


  • Children's – Pediatrics and Pediatric Intensive Care
  • Trauma/Operating Room
  • Orthopedics/Neurosurgery
  • Heart Surgery/Interventional Cardiology
  • Emergency Services

Fun Facts:

  • 1,270 deep foundation pipe pilings - Each pipe is about 80 feet long and is driven 80 feet below ground, totaling 19 mile
  • From architects to electricians to builders and plumbers, it is expected that 700-800 local and regional people will be involved in the building project over the course of several years
  • Total dirt moved to date: 300,000 cubic yards, or 3.5 million wheelbarrow loads
  • Total erosion control fence installed: 14,000 feet, which would circle the Fargodome 8 times
  • Total linear feet of steel pipe pilings: 97,000 feet or 270 football fields or 19 miles down
  • Estimated man hours to build the project: 1.4 million
  • Pounds of ductwork in the new facility: 1.5 million pounds of ductwork or the weight of a herd of 750 Bison
  • Length of mechanical piping on the project: 80 miles, stretching from Fargo to Grand Forks