Study ID: ECOG E3903

Ancillary Laboratory Protocol for Collecting Diagnostic Material on Patients Considered for ECOG Treatment Trials for Leukemia or Related Hematologic Disorders


This study is being done to collect and study participants¿ blood cells and make sure that their disease is appropriate for one of ECOG¿s treatment Trials. This is called ¿determining eligibility¿. Participants of this study have a type of blood or bone marrow disorder, which includes the possibility of leukemia. Treatment will depend on the type of blood/bone marrow cell that is affected by this disease. This study also prepares samples for use in laboratory studies associated with the treatment trial the participant will be treated on if found eligible.

Bemidji Clinic, Bismarck Region, Fargo Region, Sioux Falls Region
Principal Investigator:
Miroslaw Mazurczak MD;Miroslaw Mazurczak MD,Preston Steen, MD,Preston Steen, MD
Ancillary, HEME (Hemetologic)


Active - Open to Accrual

For more information, call or email Bismarck Clinical Research at (701) 323-5760, Fargo and Bemidji Clinical Research at (701) 234-5890, or Sioux Falls Clinical Research at (605) 328-1368.

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