Clinical Trials at Sanford Health

Participate Today. Change Tomorrow.

Sanford Health provides the most advanced care and treatment that today's medical research offers and has over 150 open clinical trials and over 350 ongoing clinical studies. Participating in a clinical trial may provide you with access to innovative treatments, while at the same time helping to improve care and find cures for future generations.

What is a clinical research study?

A research study, or clinical trial, is a scientific research study in which patients help doctors find ways to improve standard treatments and a patients' quality of life. Carefully conducted research studies are the fastest and safest way to find new treatments and improve the health of all patients. Simply stated: Today's gold standard of care was yesterday's research study. The types of studies conducted at Sanford Health include:

  • Treatment studies to improve the standard of care.
  • Prevention studies to look for better ways to prevent disease.
  • Diagnostic and screening studies designed to find better ways to detect diseases.
  • Quality of life studies, which explore ways to improve comfort and quality of life for patients.

For more information on Sanford Health's clinical research studies

Bismarck Clinical Research

Call: (701) 323-5760

Fargo/Bemidji Clinical Research

Call: (701) 234-5890

Sioux Falls Clinical Research

Call: (605) 328-1368

You can also learn more by visiting, which is a comprehensive national registry of all clinical trials.