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Fit for 2: Healthy Choices for Mom and Baby Pregnancy Cooking and Wellness Class


Whether your baby is on the way, or you are trying to get baby off on the best start possible, the list of dos and don’ts can feel overwhelming. For all of your food, nutrition and wellness questions that come along with baby, Sanford Center for Health and Well-being is here to support you.

Our three-part cooking and wellness series is dedicated to providing you with the information you need to be healthy from the very beginning.

Fit for 2: Healthy Choices for Mom and Baby

If you’re pregnant, or just thinking about a baby, this class is a great way to get your pregnancy off to the right start.
  • Learn how to eat right during the first trimester of pregnancy.
  • Get tips on how to survive morning sickness with snack ideas and recipes to ease your nausea.
  • Learn what foods are best for you and baby, while avoiding foods that upset your stomach, or foods with smells that may cause nausea.
  • Learn how much weight you should gain throughout your pregnancy.
  • Understand what foods you should avoid while pregnant, and what substitutes you can make.
  • Learn healthy and safe exercises during this part of your pregnancy, all provided by our Sanford fitness experts.
  • Watch cooking demonstrations and leave with recipes and food samples.

Women who are considering becoming pregnant are also welcome to attend. The class includes cooking demonstrations, recipes and food samples.

Cost: $10


Seating is limited so reserve your spot today. To register, call (605) 312-2150 or (888) 996-4673.

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Fit for 2: Healthy Choices for Mom and Baby Pregnancy Cooking and Wellness Class