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Other Sanford Health Career Opportunities Stories

A Positive Difference

Susan Stange, Applications Support Specialist of Information Technology in Sioux Falls “I work for an organization that cares about patients so in the end I can come into work every day excited knowing that although I don’t directly touch a patient I am making a difference in their lives.”

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Building Relationships

Brian DeHaai, Director of Clinical Operations for Occupational Medicine in Sioux Falls “We have a passion for excellence, strive to be better people ourselves and provide that for others as well. That really is what we are about.”

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Food for Thought

Nancy Larson, Culinary Manager in Fargo
"Sanford is a great place to work, and if you have an opportunity for employment with Sanford, I highly recommend that you take that opportunity and come join our family."

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Decades of Opportunity

Lois Vandervliet, Clinical Manager at Clinical Call Center in Sioux Falls. "It's a very progressive organization. You can work side by side with staff, with your physicians, and with your administration, and it truly has been, over 36 years, a great place to work."

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Intense job. Ultimate satisfaction.

Cheryl Stansbury, AirMed Communication Center Supervisor in Sioux Falls. “The people that work here are incredible. The sense of family is a relief to me. You can rely on the people you work with, and you just work with some brilliant minds at Sanford.”

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IT: The Place to Be

Caryn Hewitt, Chief Information Officer in Fargo. "As a member of the IT department, we get to play a hand in helping the most remote clinics do their daily business, making sure that we have technology and systems that are running their world clinics as well as those places locally."

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Other Career Opportunities

Sanford Health is very excited about its continuing expansion and growth. Due to this growth, we are looking for people passionate about quality health care to fill an amazing range of professional career opportunities.

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