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A Dream Job

Kristin Roers is happy to live in Fargo, close to family, and to have what she considers her dream job. The Sioux Falls native, who is the coordinator at the Nursing Professional Practice Services at Sanford Fargo, says working for Sanford has afforded her many opportunities.

“I like that I get to impact patients' lives. Even though it's not directly anymore, I'm not the one that's touching the patient anymore, I know that I'm the one who gets to figure out what are we doing to help them,” says Kristin.

Staying safe

While Kristin sometimes misses treating patients at the bedside, she knows that her opportunity at Sanford allows her to shape and manage how nurses and other staff treat patients needing any levels of care. A history of employment in human resources also prepared her for the challenges as well as the opportunities of her current position in leadership.

“I get to increase patients' safety, but then I also get to decrease some of the waste that happens for nurses and help them be a little bit more efficient and be able to do the parts of their jobs, especially the ones that they really love to do,” Kristin says.


Kristin is tasked with rewarding nurses who make the greatest difference in lives. She recently gave the Daisy Award for nursing to a member of her staff who went out of her way to comfort and coach a family experiencing the stillbirth of their child.

“This nurse had talked with them and allowed them to grieve but also talked about the good things about their pregnancy and have it not just be a negative experience,” Kristin says. As a result, the family got involved in helping other families experiencing the life-changing event of losing a child.

“A year later, they were pregnant again, and they asked that nurse to be there with them as they gave birth to their next child,” Kristin says. “And they named their child after the nurse.

“And so that was one of those moments where, you're like, ‘this is why we're here. This is why we give awards. It's to make sure that we recognize all the things that people do from the littlest thing to the biggest thing,’ ” she says.


Many opportunities for growth and experience have come Kristin’s way in the past several years, including the opportunity to be involved in community events sponsored by Sanford.

She also says knowing that she can talk with the CEO like she can talk to one of her closest colleagues is an important aspect of Sanford culture.

“I can walk down the halls here, and the CEO knows my name and the, you know, people in the cafeteria know my name, and it's a much closer-knit community, Kristin says. “And I feel like you just have this opportunity to get to know people on a little bit deeper level than when you have such a large organization that nobody knows each other.”

Family, passion

Kristin recommends that anyone interested in building a professional family come to work for Sanford. However, the Sanford value that resonates most with her is that of passion.

“One of the parts of nursing, why I went into nursing in the first place, was I really needed to have a tangible sense of purpose. I needed to, at the end of the day, see that what I had done made a difference, and I don't think I could do what I do to deal with policies and all of the things that kind of tear at your time if I wasn't passionate about what the outcome is,” she says.

Those positive outcomes drive Kristin at work every day. “The outcome is making sure that we care for our patients in not only the best way ... not just the safest way but also the best way we possibly can to make sure that they get the most individualized care and truly feel cared for,” she says.

Posted Date: August 2013

A Dream Job

Kristin Roers, Professional Practice Coordinator at Nursing Professional Practice Services in Fargo “I can walk down the halls here, and the CEO knows my name and the people in the cafeteria know my name, and it's a much closer-knit community. I feel like you just have this opportunity to get to know people on a little bit deeper level.”