Nursing, Caring, Growing

Like many nurses and people working in the medical field, Patient Care Manager Jeanne Jensen does it first and foremost for her patients at Sanford.

Now in a managerial role, Jeanne is able to support and assist other nurses as they care for the sick and injured. But not a day goes by that she doesn’t define her role not only as a manager, but as a nurse as well.

“The main thing about being a nurse is seeing a very sick patient get well and go home and be with their loved ones again, so that's the most rewarding thing and what I love most about my job,” she says.


For Jeanne, working at Sanford has given her opportunities she feels she wouldn’t have had at another organization.

“We’ve had some leadership courses available to help advance us in our skills as a leader here in the organization,” she says.

Continuing education is something she and her colleagues take full advantage of. “Most of us are going to some classes and courses, and there's national speakers at them, so it's really an awesome experience that way.”

Throughout her career at Sanford, Jeanne has received many educational benefits. She received tuition assistance while attending school to become an RN, and now she sees other young nurses able to take advantage of the same benefits.

Back to healthy

Jeanne says the most satisfying part of her job as a nurse and manager is to see a critically ill patient go from the sick bed to walking out the door, healed and ready to move on with life.

“We get a lot of patients on our floor that are very sick and compromised, and just helping the nurses deal with those daily stresses that happen, and just to help them through that and make sure that they have the equipment and the stuff that they need to care for those difficult patients at times,” she says.

Jeanne enjoys helping patients heal so much that she even set up dog care for one of her hospitalized patients who was particularly concerned about how his dog would get along without him.

“We all worked out a schedule for the dog and somewhere for the dog to stay,” Jeanne says. It’s a testament to how well her Sanford family takes care of each and every patient who comes to them for care.


Both her home family and her work family have become the most important aspects of Jeanne’s life, which is part of the reason the Sanford value she most resonates with is that of family.

“We've become a very interknit family, and we do stuff outside of the organization together, and it’s truly the people you work with that keeps you here,” she says.

Jeanne says she feels 100 percent supported by the leadership at Sanford as well as the peers she interacts with every day on the job.


As a resident of Fargo, Jeanne has seen lots of growth recently, and as a Sanford employee, one of the greatest achievements recently was the building of the Family Wellness Center. This initiative is just one of the reasons Jeanne is proud of the ways in which the organization gives back to the communities it serves.

“There’s just so much opportunity at Sanford. You’re not just an employee, you’re a family member, too. You also get to see the great impact Sanford has on communities and how it can improves the lives of our neighbors,” Jeanne says.

Posted Date: August 2013

Nursing, Caring, Growing

Jeanne Jensen, Patient Care Manager in Fargo. "We've become a very interknit family, and we do stuff outside of the organization together, and it's truly the people you work with that keeps you here."