Donors Help Provide Innovative Technology

After attending a Sanford Health Doc Talk presentation, 60-year-old Dwayne Kamphuis went in for a routine diagnostic screening at Sanford Health. The results, however, were anything but routine.

The cardiology team told him he needed a quadruple bypass urgently. Despite battling a family history of high blood pressure and cholesterol, it was a shocking revelation considering he was feeling good and didn’t have symptoms.

“They came over to me and said, ‘Dwayne, you're going to need heart surgery,’” he said. “I was so scared that I couldn't believe it.”

He told his family the frightening news and urged each of them to go in for the same test. It turned out that his brother, Mark, had hidden heart problems, too.

“The major vessel at the back of the heart was 90 percent blocked and the other vessels were 70 and 40 (percent) so I was like a walking time bomb,” Mark said. “I was unaware of the heart condition and I felt normal.”

“I'm just thankful that he went through it and everything turned out OK,” Dwayne said. In fact, both men turned out OK. The cardiology team at Sanford uses some of the most innovative technology in the region, such as laser heart surgery, plaque excision systems and the most advanced CT scanner in the world.

“The Sanford health program and also Sanford heart surgeons did a wonderful job, and I survived,” Mark said.

Dwayne went to rehab three days a week and today the brothers have returned to the activities they love.

“We both like cars, we both work on them, we both like to go to shows and mine is faster,” Dwayne said. “I don't have as many trophies as he does, but no, my car’s faster,” Mark replied.

Both brothers are thankful for the CT scan and the immediate work by Sanford heart and rehab specialists.

“It prolonged my life by several years,” Mark said. “So I’m very thankful.”

“If wouldn't have gone in, I have no idea what would've happened or where it would have happened,” Dwayne said.

Donors to heart and cardiovascular funds through the Sanford Health Foundation make an important impact on heart patients, like the Kamphuis brothers. Their gifts provide support for advanced training and ensure the very latest in equipment and technology is available for diagnosis, treatment and surgery.

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Posted Date: July 2014

Donors Help Provide Innovative Technology

Two brothers took a routine diagnostic screening and it was the innovative technology – including the most advanced CT scanner in the world – that saved their lives.