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Making an Impact on Future Patients

Last August, JoAnn Jameson was shocked when radiologists discovered a lump during her yearly mammogram. Having worked at Sanford’s Roger Maris Cancer Center for 30 years, 15 as a registered nurse and 15 as a clinical research coordinator, she knew her chances of developing breast cancer were less than two percent.

“My family was very concerned, however, dealing with it every day I knew I was just one of approximately 600 women receiving a breast cancer diagnosis that day,” Jameson said. “We had caught it early and it was very treatable.”

Within hours of her diagnosis of stage 1A breast cancer, Jameson received a call from a Sanford Cancer nurse navigator, provided by a program fully funded through philanthropic gifts, to discuss her diagnosis and treatment plan.

“Although I am familiar with the process and knew which questions to ask, I was so appreciative that our patients receive such prompt follow up,” Jameson said. “I walked through the cancer center doors a million times as a nurse; it was so strange to be on the other side.”

Jameson also found comfort in the embrace Cancer Survivorship Program, funded with gifts to the Sanford Health Foundation, and always attended the yearly picnic.

“I was diagnosed a week before the embrace picnic, going as a survivor was such a different feeling,” Jameson said. “The support available through embrace is so important and it is such a great way to celebrate survivors.”

As a clinical research coordinator, a program that benefits from Foundation funds, Jameson knew the important role clinical trials play in patient care and was thrilled when she was able to take part in one. Jameson said every person who enrolls in a study makes a difference.

“I benefited from those who went through studies before me,” she said. “Now I can help others through my participation as well.”

Gifts to the Sanford Health Foundation enhance patient care at Sanford’s Roger Maris Cancer Center and throughout Sanford Health.

To learn more about the Sanford Fund or to make a gift, visit or call the Sanford Health Foundation at (701) 234-6246.

Posted Date: June 2014

Making an Impact on Future Patients

JoAnn Jameson was shocked when radiologists discovered a lump during her yearly mammogram, but she found comfort in special programs and the chance to participate in a clinical trial.